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Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Sara, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Thanks guys, but it's not very usable (the cast is the yellow one). One of the 'ears' is caved in, I had a registration key there and I think as it's fallen out of the mother mold it's pulled that area of the mold down with it. There's also some dimpling around the keys that are on the visor.

    In short I've molded it too thin. I'm re-molding as we speak. I'm confident I can fix these issues though. In parts the mold is about 2mm, I had no idea it was that thin, working in patches because of the reduced pot life of the silicone I was using didn't help. I thought about pulling the old mold back over the master and adding some thickness but now that it's already been removed I'm concerned about warping any of the shapes.

    Luckily I've traded it in for some Elastosil ow and it's been beautiful to work with. With any luck I'll be casting EVA 2.0 within the week.
  2. demo084

    demo084 Jr Member

    can't wait. I haven't been disappointed by any of your work, actually your progression and skill has been quite amazing. Keep it up.
  3. Charlie117

    Charlie117 Member

    hi sara , hope your doing ok. saw your video about bondo detailing and its amazing! thank you so much for sharing sara really apreciate it. since you said that if we had some questions well my friend has one. he built a gladiator maximus helmet and its fiberglass on the inside with rondo and on the outside its hardened with resin but he told me if you could give hime some tips about the spikes that go on top since he says there dificul to pep and they dont look very good if he ended up pepping them. heres a pic of the helmet so you can see the spikes , there like coned shaped and i know theres a member here that made a mold of custom spikes. my friend doesnt have such materials for molding , he wants to make them with bondo since he saw and loved you tutorial. what would you recomend??? how can he achieve those coned spikes???

  4. drack


    Just a thought. He could use miliput and roll it into cones. It's sandable too so he could sand the flat edges on them.
  5. Spartan_127

    Spartan_127 Well-Known Member

    I know this is for Sara, but you could get modeling clay and make a model of the spike. After that you could cast it with almost anything (smooth cast, resin, ultra cal, hot glue, maybe even silicone caulking etc. . . ) and then pour the bondo or a rondo mix into the mold you made of it. Doing that would ensure that all of the spikes are identical. I've made similar molds out of hot glue and just straight fiberglass resin. You just have to use vaseline or some other type of release agent so your casting agent won't stick in the mold.

    Hope this helps.
  6. demo084

    demo084 Jr Member

    and once again. an idea I've never thought of.
  7. Sara

    Sara New Member

    I would make them separately and then attach them, he could make one, possibly out of clay and then mold it with some caulking silicone, you could cast it with rondo if you don't wanna buy casting resin for that. If making them seperately you can smooth the seams with bondo and spot putty.

    I'm not bothered by people asking me questions at all (I invite as many questions as people wanna ask) but if a mod sees this would they be able to move this over to my tutorial thread please? I think it would be more helpful to people there :)
  8. Sgtmaj Johnson287

    Sgtmaj Johnson287 New Member

    Awesome love agent Washington and tex. looks really good keep it up!
  9. Kryios90

    Kryios90 New Member

    WOW... just wow. This is some of the best quality stuff I've ever seen! Cant wait to see the finished product!
  10. bubblycarolina

    bubblycarolina New Member

    Carolina Chest Piece with Primer

    Hi everybody! BubblyCarolina here,

    Sorry its been so long since there has been an update on the progress of my Carolina build, I am getting married later this year so things have been very hectic lately!

    I've finally got some primer on the front of my chestpiece! (well most of it :p )


    Hopefully soon I should be finished the sides and can start working on the back.

    Thanks for all the encouragement! :3

  11. spartansonny

    spartansonny Member

    hey bubbly! FIRST OFF CONGRATULATIONS! i have been wondering what you two wonderful ladies have been doing, and i see an awesome torso and some wedding plans... man you are a busy couple of awesome girls. your projects look awesome, keep it up. your man has one lucky girl
  12. Xtremenoob

    Xtremenoob Member

    It's beautiful :")
  13. Spartan_127

    Spartan_127 Well-Known Member

    Torso is looking great so far.
    Keep up the good work, Bubbly!
  14. drack


    Looking great Carolina! Can't wait for more updates on this one. Although I know what it's like not having time when planning a wedding, my wife was full steam ahead when it came to ours :)

  15. DBmike

    DBmike Well-Known Member

    Looks great and good luck with the wedding!
    Got my own wedding to get planning, but the baby is taking priority at the moment :p
  16. zombieprops

    zombieprops New Member

    First off, congrats, and secondly... That is looking amazing. I'm sure I'm not the only person who thought it was a 3d rendering when scrolling down.
  17. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Hey guys, it's been a little while since I've had an update but I have not been idle. After a few false starts I can finally present, a proper cast of my EVA helmet! I'm so excited to finally have a good cast of this, I had to remake the mold which was a major pain (I've done 4 mother molds for this now, don't ask lol) but it was worth it, this cast is a flawless copy of the original :D I'm over the moon, it could be the lack of sleep talking but I'm so pleased, I can't stop looking at it.

    In other news, my PETG should finally arrive tomorrow, with the floods and supplier issues I had a hell of a time getting my plastic but I should be good to go on the weekend. The vacformer is built, Kristian built it while I was working on the mold so unfortunately I didn't get pics of the build but if people are interested I'm more than happy to shoot another video detailing the vac-former and how we built it.

    Anyway, that's enough from me, it's 12.30am and I need to get to bed, I'll just leave these here:




    Thanks so much for supporting this build guys :)
  18. spartansonny

    spartansonny Member

    AWESOME SAUCE SARA! it came out beautifully.
  19. DBmike

    DBmike Well-Known Member

    Good work!!
  20. CosMech

    CosMech New Member

    That Yellow! now i want it as my armour colour! Even though i know it's not the real colour :p
    Great Job Sara!
  21. spencers12

    spencers12 New Member

    simply amazing

    RTWHOCKEY Jr Member

    Woah..... Amazing.
  23. Starvinartist80

    Starvinartist80 Well-Known Member

    Looks GREAT!!!!!
  24. JonnyMars

    JonnyMars New Member

    well worth the effort you put in! looks brilliant :D
  25. thedoctor518

    thedoctor518 New Member

    This build is looking amazing! I've started working on my own Agent Carolina armor, but no way is it going to look as fantastic as yours is!

    If you don't mind, I do have a couple of questions.
    First question: For the armor permutations, do you print those out and attach them to the mark vi chest piece, or is there a special chest pep for using armor permutations?

    Second Question: Also for the armor permutations, how do you scale them to fit with things like the regular chest and shoulder pieces so they fit snuggly?

    Again, this build is looking amazing, and I wish you guys the best of luck!

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