Halo 3: Battle Rifle build


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I'm building a Halo 3 Battle Rifle from EVA-50 foam. I'll be using these files as resources, provided in raw by TurboCharizard and modified by me.

Here's what that looks like printed out at scale

Here is the original source image as provided by the great TurboCharizard
1560792896889 (1).png

And his notes:

Weapon: BR55HB SR
Game: Halo 3

Linked file is scaled to be the in universe length of 29" for the main body and 35.4" including barrel.

Blue sections are final constructed pieces to show the overall finished prop.
Light grey sections are 0.125" Hardboard.
Dark grey sections are 0.5" MDF.
Dashed sections routed 0.125" internally for fittings. The top-most dark grey section is to be cut out twice with mirrored routed sections.
Barrel and gas piston housing [I'm assuming that's what they designed it as] are 0.5" diameter doweling.
Crossed sections are points to pre-drill for extra detail fittings.


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Man, you better pay attention to detail. If this thing is half as good as your (albeit, promised) HUD, it'll be banging!
I'm trying to put an emphasis on that this time around. I was finally smart enough to pick up some thinner eva foam to help me with this :)

Also, the hud may not be finished yet, but with a beta tutorial up it shouldn't be mysterious anymore :)


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Well, after spending every minute after work today to make progress on this, including through dinner, it's time to go to bed. This is what I got finished:


It needs a lot of beveling/edge-work and a ton of the detail yet, but there's plenty of time for that tomorrow :)
For now, it has a removable clip.


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Quite impressive with the construction! Mmmm, nothing like a good hot glue seam :lol:

Is the wooden dowel part of the inner construction of the BR to keep it more sturdy?


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Looking good. That's a lot of progress in a short amount of time.
Thanks :), I want to give a bunch of the credit for that to TurboCharizard for providing exactly what I was looking for with that photo he gave me. And coffee.

I'm think I may be ready to clean up the glue and start painting it, not really sure what else I would add.




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Awesome man! inspiring for when I get to this part of my build. Was thinking of doing the BR too.
Thanks man! I'd recommend it, this build has been pretty satisfying and relatively easy to do so far (thanks to the layered approach). I also found out I really like making props, the smaller stuff has a much quicker return on feedback, whereas with armor you can build for days or weeks and not know what it's really gonna look like.

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I don't have pictures, but I got it half paint.... blah blah blah
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