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Hey'a Dullestfungus39, glad you made it and welcome to the 405th!
If I understand correctly, you need help figuring out how to get templates for making your Reach armor. The files for the Halo Reach Mk V can be downloaded from here:
Halo: Reach - MJOLNIR Mark V - Standard
and any additional accessories or armor variations can be found in the halo reach section of The Armory (which is also where I pulled that link from):
Halo: Reach

The templates come in the .pdo format, which mean you'll need a Windows machine with either Pepakura or Armorsmith installed. I'd recommend Pepakura for your use case as it has a free version that's often good enough to (temporarily) scale and print templates. We have a .pdf guide on getting started with pepakura available for download here that I hope will help you understand more of what we're talking about when we mention pepakura:

Before you print templates though, you'll want to scale those templates to your body. Here we have a tutorial index that provides links to various tutorials. I encourage you to parooze it, but also check out the guides on scaling armor (there are a couple) under the Research section:
Tutorial Index

Lastly, Welcome to the 405th! Given you're new here and are probably unfamiliar with these forums, I'd encourage you to checkout this thread targeted at new members and has links to various threads intended to help new members become aquinted with the 405th:
New Recruit FAQ
Additionally, there are a few common questions related to being a member of the 405th, and those are answered here:
Membership FAQ

We do have some rules here, but I wouldn't let those scare you off. Generally speaking, as long as you're nice to others you'll fit in just fine :D

Just incase I didn't overwhelm you with reading yet... here's another thread! It's mostly a list of links to other threads you may find helpful.
New Members Sticky Index - Updated 08-05-2014


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Hey'a again Dullestfungus39. You mentioned in a DM that you're still unsure on how to scale templates. Personally, I like to use height scaling, and based off some photos I think it'd work for you as well. Basically, you measure heights of parts of your body and set the height equal to that. For example, if you're printing templates for the thigh piece you'd want to measure the the height of your thigh (also known as the length). For this I like to measure from right above the knee cap to the hip joint. It helps to imagine where the bottom of the thigh armor should be, and where the top piece of the thigh armor should be. On top of this, I then like to cross reference the measurement with the proportions from the game. To do this I'd load up the game and get the model (e.g. Noble 6) on full screen. I'd then put a ruler up to my monitor and measure his height (it'll be some arbitrary value). I'll then measure the height of the thigh piece, and find out what percentage of Noble 6's height is thigh (thigh height / total height). I'd then compare the thigh measurement I took on my own leg and compare it to my total height. Ideally, the percentages turn out the same. If they're not the same or close, I'll compare the values and try to get them as close as possible, while also recognizing that the body proportions of a video game character are not guaranteed to be accurate or even physically possible.

Does that make more sense? Maybe I should write up another scaling tutorial... then we'd have 5 xD


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For all files in the Armory, simply click on the large orange button in the top right corner of the screen that says "Download."

Additionally, you can download this step by step tutorial for using Pepakura:


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Hello everyone! I’m hopeful getting the pint outs on Sunday, and starting Monday. I heard there is no tutorial so I hope everyone can help me! I’m hoping to start with the chest plate. Could anyone tell me step by step??


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As far as I'm aware there are no step by step tutorials for reach armor (yet).
Rather than the chest piece, I'd recommend starting something smaller like the hand plates or shins. Something that you can make a few iterations of without spending too much time or resources. I'd recommend saving the helm and chest for last, as those are the pieces you probably want to look the best.

I'd definitely recommend watching some Evil Ted or Punished Props videos on YouTube, simply watching them work will cover a lot of the basics.


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There's also more some foam tips here in the Foam Guide:
Nice helm! That looks like a Iconoprops cast v1


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Thank you Dirtdives although RandomRanger says I would be good on normal paper. Would both work??

Depends.....if you are doing this in foam, you may get away with it. May. Just pin down the templates so it doesn't move around when you trace it out.....If you are doing fiberglass, no way in hell will this work. Regular paper will soak up all the resin on the first layer and then collapse under its own weight. That is why we us the card stock or 110 lb paper. It is much thicker and will not implode when the resin is applied.