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Introduce Yourself

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by SpartanForever, Mar 25, 2008.


    BARIOX New Member

    Name: Laura
    Profession: Student
    Age: 18
    Favorite Hobby: Video games, archery, cosplay
    Favorite Halo: Halo 3 and 4
    Favorite Video Game: Monster Hunter, Crysis 3, Beyond Two Souls
    Other Interests: Star Wars costumes
    Favorite Band: BTS, MONSTA X, Imagine Dragons
    Favorite Movie(s): Star Wars (ep IV, V, VII, Rogue One), The Hunger Games
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    LS9BLUEDEVIL New Member

    Profession: Bench Technician, automotive detailer/photogrpaher
    Favorite Hobby: Photography, drawing, and video games
    Favorite Halo: Halo 3 (But I'm a Playstation owner lol) so Destiny maybe haha.
    Favorite Video Game: Burnout Revenge
    Favorite Food: Whataburger
    Favorite Movie(s): All of the Rocky Movies except 5 -___-, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Tron Legacy

    Looking forward to being a part of this group, first experience in cosplay was Thomas Bangalter from Daft Punk and learned alot but also made mistakes. Excited to start my FWC Celestial Nighthawk Hunter Cosplay for an upcoming Comic Con in Texas.
  3. Gawain

    Gawain New Member

    Name: Gawain
    Profession: Sophomore
    Age: 15
    Favorite hobby: Gaming
    Favorite part of halo: I really like how in depth they went in the halo 4 story line and actually showed what it would be like if a person who was kidnapped as a child never went through puberty
    Favorite Halo: 4
    Favorite Video Game: Halo 4
    Favorite Food: Ramen
    Favorite Band: Imagine Dragons
  4. SonOfaViking

    SonOfaViking New Member

    Name: Steven
    Age: 22
    Proffesion: Roofer
    Hobby: Larping, reading, gaming
    Location: Switzerland
    Favourite Halo: Depends on my Mood but all are great
    Favourite Game: Halo, Fable, Reckoning, Age of Empires/Mythology and many more
    Favourite food: Food
    Favourite Band: way to many to name on here
    Favourite music: Metal
  5. kyle clement

    kyle clement New Member

    Name: Kyle
    Profession: Data editor and draftsmen
    Age: 31
    Favorite hobby: Gaming and costume builds
    Favorite part of halo:group hugs (sticky bomb kill)
    Favorite Halo: 2
    Favorite Video Game: Assassin's Creed
    Favorite Food: Sushi
    Favorite Band: to many
  6. SomeoneS3XY

    SomeoneS3XY New Member

    Profession: Package Handler
    Age: 18
    Favorite Hobby: Video gaming
    Favorite part of halo: The story line
    Favorite Halo: 3
    Favorite Video Game: COD series
    Other Interests: I play instruments and I airsoft
    Favorite Food: Steak
    Favorite Band: A lot
  7. Noe Morin

    Noe Morin New Member

    Hey guys, I'm new here.
    Profession: University Student
    Age: 20
    Favorite hobbies: Video games, reading and writing
    Favorite Halo: 2, definitely 2
    What game I'm sunk into now: Warframe, holy crap Warframe XD
    Favorite food: How does one have a single favorite food...
    Really excited to be here. I've always wanted to build my own spartan armor and now I have the motivation and materials! I'm hoping to build my Spartan III Operator armor set from Reach, and I have never done anything Like pepakura but I have some experience working with foam. Helpful tips would be appreciated!
  8. Litenthadark

    Litenthadark New Member

    Hey everyone! I'm really excited to finally sign up for 405th for the purpose of getting assistance for next year's Halloween costume!
    Profession: University Student
    Age: 23
    Favorite hobbies: Programming, Video Games
    Favorite Halo: ODST
    What game I'm sunk into now: Arma 3

    My goal is to build ODST armor using Pepakura and cardstock. I'm hoping that I can build something as awesome as the builds I've seen, but it's my first one, so I don't expect it to be perfect :)
  9. Aden

    Aden New Member

    Name: Aden Heeremans

    Profession: None yet just starting highschool

    Age: 14

    Favorite Hobby: Remote control cars or costume making

    Favorite part of halo: The scenery is amazing and absolutely beautiful

    Favorite Halo: reach or odst

    Favorite Video Game: Halo

    Other Interests: music and playing softball

    Favorite Food: tacos

    Favorite Band: Galantis or alan walker (if you consider him a band)

    Favorite Movie(s): guardians of the galaxy, star wars, kingsman
  10. Sirsimpsoneon

    Sirsimpsoneon New Member

    Name: Justin
    Profession: freelance artist
    Age: 26
    Favorite Hobby: Video Games, making things, drawing
    Favorite part of Halo: the story
    Favorite Halo: Halo: Combat Evolved
    Favorite Video Game:The Legend of Zelda, halo, and metal gear
    Other Interests: music, and art
    Favorite Food: ice cream
    Other: anime
  11. RedKyng17

    RedKyng17 New Member

    Name: RedKyng
    profession: Drawing
    Age: 14 almost 15 (10 Feb)
    Favorite Hobby: Art, and taking care of farm animals
    Favorite Game: Halo or Little Big Planet 2
    Favorite Halo: Reach&Halo4
    Favorite part of halo: doing it in reality
    Favorite Band: Panic At The Disco
    Favorite Food Burritos (cause i'm Mexican)
    other interests: music 60'S 50'S panic at the disco and some rap :cool:(y):p;)
  12. RedKyng17

    RedKyng17 New Member

    3D animation something i wanna do to
  13. Cody Sherrill

    Cody Sherrill New Member

    Name: Cody Sherrill
    Hobbies: video games, legos, and cosplay. I am currently working on a Custom ODST.
    Favorite games: Conker, Lego Star Wars, and the Halo games
    Favorite animal: hedgehog
    Favorite type of Music: metal, 80s, and halo music
  14. SkyBox

    SkyBox New Member

    Name: Skylar Russell
    Profession: High School Student
    Age: 16 (about 3 months till im 16)
    Favorite Hobby: Video Games and Animation
    Favorite part of halo: I have always loved the community that surrounds halo and the stories, Sad to see Halo 4's story go. and... whats the biggest part of halo for me, jeez I cant remember? OH THATS RIGHT THE AMAZING MUSIC!
    Favorite Halo 2 [Legendary Difficulty] Yes, i do enjoy going through hell, The n 3, then 4, then 1, then ODST, Then Reach, Then Halo 5. I dont really hate any of the halo's but I have spent the most time on Halo 5 since thats when i could actually understand how to play halo multiplayer.
    Favorite Video Game: Halo or Overwatch
    Other Interests: I enjoy alot of stuff.... I dont really know what to say.
    Favorite Food: Ice Cream ^.^
    Formal Introduction: Hi, I my name is Skylar Russell, I live in Sacramento California im 16 years young (joke ha ha funny not really) I have played halo since I was two.. yes I played halo when I was two... and it will always be my favorite franchise. I love the music and the amazing community. I am planning to begin building my noble armor build gen 2 from halo 5 here soon and I hope to start a fireteam with some friends... But that wont happen, none of my friends really enjoy halo :/ Oh well, maybe ill find someone at an event!

    Also dont let my name fool you, I am a boy.... That was given a Feminine name... But I mean the Urban Dictionary has a place for me Just uhh... Look for SkylarLand or something... its where "all the male skylars go to be happy"
  15. church812

    church812 New Member

    Hello there everybody. Ive been on here before, and here I am again. I've made a couple pieces of armor here and there, and am now looking for advice on things that have given me trouble. Mostly leaving my helmet in my project truck, and coming back to find it warped. really sucked so im looking for advise on sturdier and heat resistant solutions
  16. Samualism

    Samualism New Member

    Name: Samuel Baldwin
    Profession: Full-Time College Student
    Age: 19
    Favorite Hobby: Pathfinder, costume work, various video games...
    Favorite Part of Halo: The creative community; costuming, forge maps, Red vs. Blue...
    Favorite Halo: Halo 3 ODST
    Favorite Video Game: Tough one. I'd have to say Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal.
    Other Interests: I'm an amateur 3D modeler, and I dabble in writing, mostly for my roleplaying groups though.
    Favorite Food: Proper home-cooked ramen.
    Favorite Band: Rise Against
    Favorite Movie(s): Hacksaw Ridge, John Wick 1&2
    Other: Halo has been a large part of my life throughout most of it, I've been with it since I was 7; I've been here at the 405th for a very long time. Just never really did anything.
  17. mcnerd

    mcnerd New Member

    name: connor jones
    profession: mowing lawns
    Age: 13
    favorite hobby: playing halo, making halo stuff, also snowboarding
    favorite halo: 3 odst or reach
    favorite part of halo: giving the covenant back their bomb
    favorite food: bacon cheeseburger, bacon, bacon pizza
    favorite halo armor: romeo
    other interests: military, music, fallout, medicalism
  18. Dvweaver

    Dvweaver New Member

    Name: David Weaver
    Profession: Musician (trumpet)
    Age: 18
    Favorite Hobby: singing, writing music
    Favorite part of halo: Creativity with armor
    Favorite Halo: Reach
    Favorite Video Game: Halo Reach
    Other Interests: Baseball and bowling
    Favorite Food: Mac n cheese
    Favorite Band: Hands Like Houses
  19. Paulson2

    Paulson2 New Member

    Name: Paul (as you may have guessed)
    Age: 20
    Favorite Hobby: A lightsaber combat group at a park near my apartment
    Favorite part of Halo: The soundtrack (honorable mention: gunning it straight into the hangar)
    Favorite Halo: Reach, with 3 as a very close second
    Favorite Video Game: Honestly probably Reach
    Other Interests: Star wars, Overwatch, and attempting to branch into cosplay

    I've been playing Halo games since I was just a kid playing Halo 2, and I can't wait to really dive into this community!
  20. SNIPER01

    SNIPER01 New Member

    Hello all, new here so first time posting.

    Name: Aaron
    Profession: Full time Mover, Infantryman in the National Guard
    Age: 28
    Favorite Hobby: Shooting
    Favorite part of halo: The Halo Universe
    Favorite Halo: 1
    Favorite Video Game: Halo
    Other Interests: Spending time with family, hunting, fishing, Building things
    Favorite Food: venison
    Favorite Band: FFDP
    Favorite Movie(s): Most War movies
    Favorite Halo Character: Elites
    Location: Florida
  21. Jammie Dodger

    Jammie Dodger New Member

    Name: Jamie
    Profession: Graphic design, signwriter and vehicle wrapper
    Age: 18
    Favorite Hobby: Riding my motorbike
    Favorite part of halo: The story line
    Favorite Halo: Reach
    Favorite Video Game: Ride 2
    Other Interests: Airsofting, caring for my pet hedgehog and cosplay
    Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese
    Favorite Movie(s): Avatar
    Favorite Halo Character: Grenadiers
    Location: Oxford, UK
  22. SexyShiva

    SexyShiva New Member

    Name: Shiva
    Hobby: Gym, video games,break dancing, drawing
    Favorite Halo: 2 and 3
    Favorite spartan: Jerome- 092 (badass)
  23. Zackary

    Zackary New Member

    Name: Zackary Watkins
    Profession: I am a student, i am the founder of a new video game company "Team ZOZ Gaming" our forte will be in fps games
    Age: 16 (will be 17 in February)
    Favorite Hobby: Video Games and Sports (can't choose)
    Favorite part of halo: The nice balanced game-play of the first trilogy, mixed with multiplayer the likes the world has never seen!
    Favorite Halo: Halo 3
    Favorite Video Games: Halo, Gmod, Overwatch, Doom (1993), Doom 2, Doom (2016), Quake, Quake 3: arena, Portal, and Portal 2
    Other Interests: working with my friends on a personal project
    Favorite Food: Deep Fried Shrimp... can't get enough and it is so expensive for the good stuff!
    Favorite Band: Metallica
    Favorite Movie(s): The Iron Giant, Titan AE, Atlantis: The Lost Empire
    Other: I am working on a small Halo CE "anniversary" of sorts on pc: multiplayer and flood horde mode only.
  24. Scott Russell

    Scott Russell New Member

    Name: Scott, Duh lol
    Profession, Plant technician at Proctor And Gamble
    Age: 40
    Hobbies: Recreational gamer, Motorcycle enthusiast (I have an 08 Suzuki GSX-R)
    Favorite Games: Been with Halo since the start, Red Dead, GTA, COD, Been with Resident Evil since the start (Yes, I'm old)
    Music: Death Metal
    Movies: Marvel Universe, 300, Star Trek (All of them), Star Wars, and many more. I love movies period
    Current Project: I'm "attempting" a fiberglass Iron Mank MK VII
    Future Project: I'm debating on Master Chief from Halo 3 or 4, or Emile from Halo Reach
    Past Project: Foam Iron Man MK VII
  25. RooLeo

    RooLeo New Member

    Name: RooLeo (RooJMM to some)
    Profession: University Student
    Age: 19
    Favorite Hobby: surfing
    Favorite Halo: Reach by a long shot
    Favorite part of Halo: The musical score and visual styling
    Favorite video game: Halo Reach or the original Modern Warfare
    Favorite food: All of it?
    Other interests: Music, cars, drumming, videography

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