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  1. HaloReachGeneral

    HaloReachGeneral New Member

    Name: Cody Newcomb
    Profession: Work at a Restaurant in Ohio
    Age: 22, 9 days before my birthday
    Favorite Hobby: Video games and writing
    Favorite part of halo: The friends i have made from gaming in Halo
    Favorite Halo: 3, and Reach
    Favorite Video Game: Halo Reach and Titanfall 2 (as of 2018)
    Other Interests:Writing, Armor building, tinkering, Gunpla, cooking,
    Favorite Food: Carbonara
    Favorite Band: i used to have a favorite, but now i just listen to what ever gets my going lol
    Favorite Movie(s): Jurassic park 1, 2, and world...we dont talk about III.
    Other: My eyes Change color based on mood and shirt color.
    other other: below is one of my favorite pics from the recent OHAYOCON!
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  2. airborn

    airborn New Member

    Name and surname: Sebastian, gołaś
    Occupation: I have several of them currently working as a warehouseman
    Age: 39
    Favorite hobby: military. reconstruction 2ww. star wars. and Halo
    Favorite video game: a few are
    interests: modeling. And a couple others Favorite
    food: spaghetti
  3. Toto603

    Toto603 New Member

    F8F3E77F-BFA5-42BE-9F23-0675E3DABF9C.jpeg Name: Tyler Lindsay
    Occupation: Store manager, Autozone
    Hobbies:Building model kits, working on my cars and raising 5 boys
    Favorite video game: Halo 3 ODST

    Here’s a pic of me in my armor at my first convention we went to
  4. GreY2231


    I don't remember if I did this already so I will do a new one now. I've been with the EU Regiment since

    Name: Chris Holland (everyone calls me GreY)
    Profession: Motorcycle Mechanic
    Location: Nuremberg Germany (I'm American but stayed after the Army)
    Age: 35
    Favorite Hobbies: Cosplay, Airsoft (Milsim/Larp), Motorcycle Wrenching/Riding, Outdoors/Camping/Fishing, Video Games. Not in that order.
    Favorite part of Halo: Playing with friends and SgtMa Johnson's Quotes.
    Favorite Halo: 3, ODST
    Favorite Video Games: Chrono Trigger, Super Metroid, Resident Evil
    Other Interests: MLP, Sewing, Deadpool, StarWars
    Favorite Food: Sushi, Thai, Tex-Mex, Burgers
    Favorite Band: No real favorite. I like almost all kinds of music
    Favorite Movie(s): All things Halo, Christine, Captain America,
    Other: I built a fully integrated coms system (DPMR) into my Helmet and it works awesome and Yes, I mix Deadpool and My ODST.
    I also did an ODST in Dress Blues (Please no Stolen Valor, I earned all the medals I have on my uniform in the Military) Next to my Friend in his new Buck Armor.



  5. 0852

    0852 New Member

    name colton 852
    proffession school
    age 16
    hobby: making armor playing halo training my dog
    favorite halo; all
    favorite part of halo;armor the games and books
    favorite food;my home made pizza
  6. eclaireN7

    eclaireN7 New Member

    Name: Claire
    Profession: I'm currently unemployed, looking for work.
    Age: 20
    Location: Western Australia
    Favorite Hobby: Playing video games.
    Favorite Video Game: That's a tough one. But i'd say it's between the Halo series and Mass Effect series.
    Favorite Band: This changes based on my mood xD
  7. SpaceLord117

    SpaceLord117 New Member

    Name: Jacob
    Profession: Unemployed
    Location: USA
    Age: Almost 16
    Favorite Hobbies: Cosplay, Airsoft, playing video games, and dancing
    Favorite part of Halo: Meeting the flood for the first time, I couldn't sleep for so long after :)
    Favorite Halo: Halo Reach
    Favorite Video Games: R6 Siege, Squad, and Fortnite BR
    Other Interests: Reading and meeting new people
    Favorite Food: chicken that has been deep fried and then coated in Bar-B-Q
    Favorite Band: Not a band but anything from the 80s
    Favorite Movie(s): Airplane, Naked gun, Life is beautiful, Army of Darkness, and Aliens
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  8. ODST Langford

    ODST Langford New Member

    Name: Braydon
    Profession: Actor / Screenwriter
    Age: 19
    Favorite Hobby: Cosplay / Photography
    Favorite part of Halo: Beginning of ODST dropping feet first into hell!
    Favorite Halo: ODST
    Favorite Video Game: Halo / Witcher Series
    Other Interests: Film Making , Photography , Cooking
    Favorite Food: Tacos
    Favorite Band: Blink 182
    Favorite Movie(s): The Room , Batman Vs Robin , What if (The F Word)

    (1st Armour Build ) 1st.jpg
  9. wheeelman

    wheeelman New Member

    Name: Steven
    Profession: Writer
    Age: 32
    Favorite Hobby: Halo of course, Star Wars, Cosplay, Internet, Video/Photo
    Favorite part of halo: Multiplayer, and Halo 3
    Favorite Halo: Halo 2, Halo Wars
    Favorite Video Game: Halo, Half Life 2, Star Wars Republic Commando
    Other Interests: listening to music, watching tv, hiking, ...
    Favorite Food: pizza
    Armors: Master Chief - Boba Fett
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  10. CarolRawley

    CarolRawley New Member

    Name: Emily
    Profession: Student
    Age: 20
    Favorite hobby: Either painting, gaming, reading, writing, or filming...
    Favorite Halo: 1 or 2
    Favorite part of Halo: The music (so good!) and story

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