Jorge 052 Armor Build

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This is my fist armor build and I decided build Jorge 052 from halo reach.

The models was created for Acehigh.

My work is slow but I think its a good start.



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well i guess you beat me to it! I was planning on making jorge but other things came up so i did not have time to start it. Nice pep work! good luck on getting it done!


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AHH! You beat me to this project!! :angry

Just kidding, but yes I do plan on making Jorge armor soon, I am working on a scratch chain-gun build now. Good luck, I would really like to see how this turns out!


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I really like that chestplate model for Jorge. I like the added piece above the shoulder and the spine addition, although I think that spine piece could be seperate from the chestplate just to allow for better movement. Once that is hardened, I don't know how comfortable that will really be, ya know? :p
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