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Did a quick suit up while reviewing parade damages among other things and unfortunately this suit will need a lot of work before I am happy with it.
Quick rundown:
  • Codpiece rigging
  • Pocket magnetization updates
  • Seam pops
  • Shoe goo everything
  • Change shoulder mounting system
  • magnetize tacpad
  • update pistol magnetization system
  • keyholes on new undersuit
  • replace fans in helmet
  • apply decals
Plenty of work on the road ahead for this gent, hopefully I'll be able to fix it up to the point where I'm content with the build


405th Regiment Officer
I have been looking into it more however and I've found that it's very similar to rubber cement so I might need to try both.
Interesting - keep us posted on the results if you end up testing this

My experience with shoe goo vs rubber cement (back in school) might lead me to think that rubber cement won't get quite as hard in the end.

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