ODST MK III; “Halo 2 Anniversary”


So I got done making the straps to hold the shoulder pieces and I went through 2 designs with the least amount of work.

So I settled with the first design. Just without the buckle. Considering that it would have enough leeway for me to be flexible but tight enough to hold everything in place. Now the original idea was to have it in front of the chest, but after bending down to pick something up, I started to realize that it would be slipping off my shoulders. So I came with a idea SO CRAZY that it MIGHT. JUST. WORK.
D1D37C56-0EA2-4C2B-B4B3-570F4078CAA7.jpeg 908C4762-2851-426D-832E-DA4F6F0B4B18.jpeg

Yeah...I put the strap on backwards....and it fit to, kinda surprised at that. The straps going around the arms were about 26” inches in length and the strap in the middle...I’m not entirely sure how long that piece was; at that point I was going for a “Feel” type approach. Plus I started working on the shoulders, and the results?
2EFF2FC1-66C9-4A40-BCF4-ECBCB09DEC57.jpeg 034B54E7-B0C3-45E3-8FF1-5940FC18E353.jpeg FE8BE115-C307-4797-BA1F-34888E71ECC8.jpeg

Yeah, less-than-stellar. But it’s foam! Cut it, glue it, sand it. And she’ll be good as new!


Wow...this part is just difficult. Trying to get the very light-foam material to be flexible is a battle of pure original trial and error. But after taking off the glasses of seeing it be some “Cushion” for the armor pieces, I started looking at it as “flexible-Armor” under the visible armor. That did relief some of my worries.
1F9287F8-238D-45AB-8428-1C18BDE42389.jpeg B867BFF7-8F94-4F47-AACE-619D6A4A9A77.jpeg 50E23E29-A898-4975-8F06-0A3227677FD8.jpeg 44FEF502-CE1C-4912-8D42-DDAF5C692392.jpeg 255AC460-DDB9-430A-A276-9FDACD4B3C40.jpeg


So I actually did the Velcro and had them attached to the chest strap.
B168783B-BE37-4DAD-9021-6A8B7169BBC1.jpeg 00086140-8278-4959-BCD2-6D7DF315854B.jpeg

But the shoulder straps kept pulling the chest straps down, so I actually HAD to install a strap over the chest.
51606AE2-9893-444A-8609-EB3B754CE908.png CEA532BF-6B7D-4738-B778-3A57112E6E7F.png

Then after that, I decided to give a test run with my torso....and the results...
532DD2AA-EE44-44BB-B389-A90171208CE9.png 10DE06B0-5DA7-4FD3-BA4E-936A7F88B90A.png 809F0207-2472-47E5-A247-BBAD2E80A945.png

They’re fine. No good or great, but serviceable. It’s only the shoulder blade.

Move my arm far enough, this pops out and just looks SO CLUNKY. I gotta find a way to fix this in a few weeks. I’m thinking on cutting the back so it won’t be a chore to put it back.


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Absolutely adore this thread! Anyone who has built an ODST and is looking for a new challenge should be I. Here looking at the anniversary ODSTs they are killer aesthetically


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Derpy. My man! you are doing an awesome job man. I am looking forward to more progress. you really are doing a good job. I feel you pain about the flexibility and mobility issue it sucks having to cut up armor just to make things fit and just so you can do things like sit. Keep it up!


I know haven’t posted in a long time. But I’ve been busy going to two cons in the last four weeks. One needed me to pack up and doublecheck everything because I was going on an airplane. So as soon as this week rolls by I should be back into building a suit.


Okay. Did one HEAVY spray for the helmet. Went over it again to touch up all the spots I missed. Gonna go over one last time when the spots cure. For the areas that have holes in them, I will put up a mesh. This will help “Cover” some of the holes while still allowing me to vent and hear my surroundings.
2B7532BB-463C-4818-9461-7B28300BF7DB.jpeg 5F1B8B8E-E3BB-4323-99B1-7E02BA3AE6B8.jpeg 52D2F18E-3276-43B4-8DAC-90B8CC506258.jpeg 33F9BAF2-0E76-4A97-968A-2C8B13DD1957.jpeg 1936E235-58FE-466D-8EAF-4E61FE376CA0.jpeg CDE38D36-88CE-409C-902A-718F5D6A162F.jpeg

Got part of the torso Dipped. Mostly the neck area and lower frontal torso.


So I did some wheathering and I’m pretty mixed with the result...
0FC56AFF-5CD0-4C9C-966F-95AE7F1AA0A2.jpeg 022806B4-A614-4BC9-826A-49F7FEB3E64F.jpeg 3C262149-74D7-452A-8119-43CA05F24DDE.jpeg 7C8AACF7-8E7E-4A2A-AA59-E020BB01A892.jpeg

I mean, it looks fine, it’s just that I was hoping that the brighter brush-on would’ve taken control of the entire helmet. I guess I’ll stick with this and see where it goes. Besides, I have the files to make another helmet if this goes awry.


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I will have to refer my buddy Rookie to your page. He is quite the fan of the Halo 2 Variant of the ODST and would love to keep up with this endeavor! Excellent work otherwise!