PIC HEAVY. Awsome Custom Halo Reach Foam Armor. Getting Ready For Anime LA!!!!!




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Excellent detail, paint job, sizing and proportions. Definitely a set of armor that I could drool over pictures of any time. Even more awesome to look at considering it's foam and you've taken the time to make it look outstanding.


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HEY! I found Waldo!

Also, what a freaking crazy awesome set, man! I love the scarring you did on the armor, and only a badass dual wields an AR and DMR!


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*AWESOME* work there, Nick. The only thing that could make this build any better is a dedicated, sewn-up undersuit to really bring it to life.

I'm honestly astounded by the workmanship here, considering it's all foam. I'd have never thought you could get such quality work from that medium.


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And another project making the move into the Elite Showcase...

Amazing, fantastic build Nick Nack! Simply phenomenal work! And the proportions easily make this the most intimidating Spartan I've seen in ages.


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I was waiting for this day :) . Congrats Sean for balling it out into the realm of the "Elite"...lol. Great work my friend. Very inspirational stuff in this build.


Hey, did you ever finish that chain gun? I've started one of my own and I'd like to see your finished product if you did. I liked your idea of hooking up the lights and sound from a toy gun to it. If I can find one I like for cheap I might do the same thing.


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Looks excellent, congrats on the Elite status.

Wish I could commission you to build a suit for my fan film...


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WOW... Dude the complete suit looks amazing. excellent job on the detail and paint. I love it!! Sad i missed most of the build. Keep up the great work. BTW grats on getting into the elite.