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Alright! so not to ignore this build thread its time for some updates. I kind of went off the radar while trying to get as close to finished for summercon. Still plenty to do but got some good results so far.

Fist thing is first, I coated all the parts with Rustolium LeakSeal. It is similar to plastidip but it goes on thicker and requires less coats. I will say that I also went through about 9 cans of it. Some parts required a double coat to remove lines and such from the foam.


Later in the build i ended up using a product called Flexbond that was watered down. It is something that you brush on but also has self leveling properties to smooth itself out. I reduced this with some water and it helped mask some of the more porous sections were the rubber coating didnt want to cooperate


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I decided to use a pistol belt to hold all the hip hardware and attach each of the pieces with elastics and it worked perfectly! I have a few details i would like to add but I will have to add them later, particularly the small silver buckles below the hip plates.

I also used this to attach the Thigh pieces and ran the strap underneath the hip plate. The shin was held in place with some foam i added to the inside of the shin along with the material of the boot when i put that on. I attached the knee plate to the shin and added an elastic strap to hold it in place. I do think that i will replace these at some point because looking at the references they should be a bit bigger.

Here is what it looked like all together. thank you pipninja for taking the photos.


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used E6000 to attach the caps to the boot and I also added the strapping details with the buckles as well. This part was tricky since I had to carefully clamp the parts on while they dried.


I used my cricut to cut out stensils I designed in maker for the chest plate and the shoulder plates.

Strap details for the thighs.

I attached the bicep pieces to an elastic strap that goes around my arm and positioned it so it will fall into place.

Added finger loops to the glove covers that match to the fingerless gloves I picked up that way the knuckle guards follow with the hand.

Attached all the plates to the main chest rig and added the details along with the shoulder straps to attach to the shoulder pauldrons.


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So This past weekend was Summercon and I took what i had completed to kit up. This is not what i would consider complete but it was passible for the weekend. I'm still proud of what i got done so far but there is much more to do. Just wanted to show how the fit was turning out.

Thank you Lukavago for taking the photo!

What is next for the build... when i tried to apply a base layer to the helmet the paint seemed to scrape off with just a touch of my fingernail and that is with a top coat added to it. My guess is that because I left the helmet out in the garage for so long that some sort of oily residue was on the surface that prevented the paint from adhering properly. I will sand it down again and apply a fresh coat. On the bright side this gives me a chance to layer the helmet with a gunmetal color and then add some paint mask for some weathering details.

Still have to finish the flash bangs as well along with building the hardcase backpack. The question will be if I want to 3d print it or continue with foam for the backpack as well. I would also like to make another spine protector once i figure out the scaling for that one. Eventually I may also go back and edit the undershirt and try for new sleeves that have the underarm detail on it. For now i think the BDU with the neck seal works just fine. may also add some foam to the helmet opening.

Finally there are some drop pouches and strap details that i would like to add to the shins and thighs along with resizing the knees.

Lastly the details on the thighs and the forearms should be urban camo to be accurate but I'm considering keeping it the colors that it is at the moment.

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