8.9 Earthquake hits japan followed by Tsunami


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Heres the link(video included) http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/ap_on_re_as/as_japan_earthquake

the death tole is believed to be in the thousands. :(

the earthquake was upgraded to 9.0

Nuclear radiation is reported leaking from the plants into the water. It is also believed that the smoke comming from the plants have radioactive particles in it.

Heres a link to the nuclear disasters in japan.


You can help support Japan by buying silicon bracelets from the bungie store. All profits will be going to a relief package for Japan. Heres a link.



Possibly with a tsunami headed outwards to other countries too, including NZ where my gf is on the north coast, eep!


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Hawaii is saposed to have major flooding , along with the whole western coast of the US , where my uncle and all of his family lives :( God be with all who are affected.


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I got rain where I'm living. It actually confuses the hell out of me about the fact that Indonesia is on top of Malaysia, meaning Malaysia is closer to Japan but all we get is Rain while Indonesia gets waves! :O


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The pacific coast of North America is under Tsunami advisory. The waves that will hit here however will not be large.


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I picked a bad day to go to the beach house :(
My prayers go out to the Japanese and their beautiful country. Ive been there many times and cant imagine those wonderful people and amazing landscape being destroyed.


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I lived in Okinawa for 3 years. Man i hope all the people there are ok. That island is too beautiful to be flooded.


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I hate it when this kind of thing happens. this was the biggest earthquake in recorded history. Makes me wonder how powerful the next major quake on the fault line in Memphis will be.


Sorry guys... i believe this was do to all the hate moshing and stoping us americans do.... and that rap song "jump jump" could've had something to do with it.. still a great song...


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@Sean, it was the 5th largest since 1900. Record keeping's been in place since 1800.

Anyway, all the best to the victims. I hope all the aid we're gearing up to give them helps.


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I hate to sound like an ass, but i live in a coastal town on maui, we were the red zone of impact with this wave :c

NOthin' happened here

As for japan, all my highest hopes and prayers go to them~


Lots of beautiful country devasted. I watched that tidal wave go inland for miles, that's some serious bad news. I hope my donations help.


I've been watching the nes, and it looks absolutely terrifying fro ma HEL:ICOPTER, let alone on the ground. There's also a report of a boat carrying about 100 people being swept away. It has not yet been found.

Prayers will be in abundance I think.