Why are you online right now?

So this question has been going through my head every now and then, and that question is why are you online right now? As in 1:00 AM and so forth into this time area. And now that I have the ability to post here I thought I would ask tonight. Of course if there's something wrong with my thread here please tell me because I didn't see any rules except non Halo threads. My reason for being on is because I'm always awake at these times of the hour and its just free hours to myself.
A lot less replies then I thought there would be, but I am satisfied with one reply at least. Although its a little weird that you washed your hair this late, or early, which ever term is correct.


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I'm online because I'm getting help with a computer problem... or something like that... I don't know...I want to pass out on the couch behind me, but I cant until I fix my computer...


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Just got home from work an hour ago, got cleaned up, having a small bite to eat then off to bed. Thought I'd pop in to see whats new while I nibble.


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just woke up in my hotel in Burlington. Just looking at stuff (cause im addicted to this site) before i go get some free breakfast :)


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Got home from work this morning, I'm exhausted but wired and since reading is a sure bet to help me doze, I thought I'd check in on my fellow infantry. I usually fall asleep dur..ZZZZzzz...


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hopefully you're "studying" the "stickies" in the noob forum too ;)
Yes I have. So far I have reviewed the following “Stickys”. Form usage, Help for paper craft or Pepakura, Help for Fiberglass, resin and bondo, new recruit orientation, Well… I’ve reviewed just about every one of them. Great help and I’ve learned a lot. Who says that “an old Dog cant learn new tricks?”


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It is my internet addiction :(

Nope! Just want to see cool things on the internet and find inspiration for projects!